Darren Curnoe – Scientist & Science Communicator

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ABC Splash DigiBook for schools, Human Evolution: How did we get here?

Watch my UNSWTV Series, ‘How did we get here?

Here’s my column – Walking on two feet – published by The Conversation and reprinted here.

Read my regular analysis and opinion articles published by ABC Science and other outlets, plus a few unpublished blogs.

And, here’s some of my scientific work (science should be freely available to all!):

2015 Scientific Reports – Possible Holocene hominin hybridization

2013 Primate Conservation – Release of vervet monkeys

2013 Chinese Science Bulletin – Maludong geology & fossils

2012 PLoS OneMaludong & Longlin descriptions

2011 International Journal of Evolutionary  Biology Conundrum of ‘robusticity’ in early Australian remains

2010 Proceedings of the Royal Society BHominid biomechanics

Who am I?

An award winning scientist, science communicator and former journalist. I undertake scientific research into our evolution, and write columns and media articles, and make films on, human origins.

I am an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Associate Professor in palaeontology, evolutionary biology and archaeological science based at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. I’m also an Honorary Professor at the Yunnan Institute for Cultural Relics and Archaeology in Kunming, China. Download an International Innovation Profile  about my scientific work.

What’s my motivation for science outreach?

I aim to convey my passion  for science, install a deep understanding of who we are as a species and about our evolutionary history, and to try express and understand what we can learn from the past to help us meet the challenges we face today and into an uncertain future.

My popular media articles and films take an insider’s view – with all the insights and baggage that brings – about the science of human evolution, its history, and the people who have and continue to practice it.

Use of materials

All of the articles and many of the images on this site were produced by me (unless indicated otherwise). They may be reproduced for free in perpetuity but with  acknowledgement. Should you wish to use any of them for commercial purposes please contact me for permission (email:d.curnoe@unsw.edu.au).

Owing to a site rebuild in late 2014, the posts from that year are in sequence but mostly have the incorrect publication date.